Course Builder Quick Guide (sample technical documentation with videos!)

Note: All support content is available for public consumption. Original article can be found here.

About this sample: The Course Builder, serving as one of the prime selling points of the Journey learning management system, gives customers the ability to build their own custom content using a variety of tools and modules. The original documentation for the Course Builder stood at a whopping 155 pages! My task was to rewrite and rework that content into individual support articles while also producing microlearning videos (i.e. ~3 minutes in length) for as many as possible. This article on its own is rather compact, but it serves as one of the most important cogs for content in the entire Support Center. All links are active to other sample articles.

The Course Builder is a mighty tool that puts you in the driver’s seat for creating, managing, and publishing custom courses within your learning management system. Have you ever been in the middle of a course and thought, “hey, this course is terrible. I can do a way better job!” Well, now you have that opportunity! Featuring a toolbox of nifty gadgets and applications, the Course Builder supports industry standard SCORM and AICC content as well as custom content you can develop on your own.

Within the Course Builder, you can:

  • Create courses that include as many modules as you like
  • Edit, add, and delete modules within courses
  • Copy courses
  • Delete courses
  • Preview courses before publishing
  • Version courses
  • Publish courses

Before you start building your course, it is recommended that you check out the articles How Do I Create a New Course? and How Do I Publish a Course? so you can understand the full scope of this powerful tool.

Just What Exactly Is a Module?

Modules are the building blocks that make up a course. The Course Builder offers a wide selection of modules you can add that will make your courses engaging and fun. Explore each module to secure a grasp of just how absurdly awesome your courses can be. Click on the below links to jump to an article that goes into detail about each module:

AICC Module: A simple way to upload AICC content into your courses.

Assessment Module (Exams):  A step-by-step tutorial of how to create exams and quizzes with your courses.

Assessment Module (Surveys): A step-by-step tutorial of how to create surveys with your courses.

Assessment Module (Course Pretest)An exam that, if passed, allows users to skip over the course’s content.

Assignment Module:  Create custom assignments that allow users to view, download, and even upload their own attachments.

Confirmation Module: Publish a confirmation statement that users can accept or reject.

Document Module: Attach a single file for download or create a single page of content that users can interact with.

Linked Course Module:  Links to another course within your site. A “course within a course.”

Observation Checklist Module: An outside observer watches the learner and determines whether they meet the criteria for an observed assessment.

Presentation Module: Load the specialized display module to embed and play videos, images, or documents.

Scheduled Event Module: Create exclusive training events within your course.

SCORM Module 1.2: A simple way to upload your SCORM content. Supports 1.2 edition of SCORM.

SCORM Module 2004: Another simple, more modern way to upload your SCORM content. Supports any edition of SCORM. DISCLAIMER: This feature may or may not be available depending on your site’s configuration. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Udemy Module: Allows Udemy content to be imported into the Course Builder.

Check out the following articles to explore all of the features of the Course Builder:

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