Clear the Shelters 2018 (video)

Here’s a cool video I shot and produced from the 2018 Clear the Shelters event in Bonita, California for the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services (DAS). It’s particularly significant for me because it was the last video I ever shot for DAS, a span of six years of content creation and more than 100 videos produced.

I was a little skeptical when the Clear the Shelters phenomenon first began back in 2014 or so. For context, shelters across the country participate in this event where all adoption fees are waived for one day. My initial thought was, well, you could adopt an animal on any of the other 364 days of the year. Why wait until this one day where fees are waived? Is it really that big of a deal to save a few dollars? A friend of mine who worked in the shelter told me that people want to feel like they’re taking part in something special, and I accept that answer.

But adoption fees at the county shelters are the lowest across San Diego. At the time, the adoption fee for a dog was $69 ($35 if the dog was more than five years of age or being adopted by a senior citizen). Even today with inflation and an increase in operating expenses, the adoption fee for a dog is only $89. That’s still the cheapest in the county and it’s not even close. I’m just wondering out loud, though.

It really is a heartwarming thing to see so many people add to their families and find their best friends. Unfortunately, as I write this, shelters are full (as they usually are). I really wish this awareness of “clearing the shelters” lasted for more than one day. We can still hope.