Award-Winning NFPA 1410 Evolutions (video)

The NFPA 1410 Evolutions are a series of training drills for firefighters and, if I’m being honest, the video we shot for them was totally awesome.

With a company-wide migration to video-based content, a sizable investment was made to develop a visual curriculum centered around the 1410’s. I was fortunate enough to help film the drills on location in St. Louis, Missouri with cooperation from the St. Charles Fire Department. Firefighters are constantly training for performance and recertification purposes, so there’s always a need for quality content. Hence, these courses were born.

The 1410’s went on to win a silver Brandon Hall Award for the Best Use of Video for Learning category. Upon their release, they became one of the public sector’s most popular pieces of training content with thousands upon thousands of completions. This video, produced by yours truly, served as a marketing announcement for the win that went on to be shared on our company website and fire newsletter. I also briefly appear in it. See if you can find me!