Animal Shelter Political Ad Spoof (video)

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from 2014 featuring a dog named Paisley who had spent a whole year (yes, one calendar year) in the shelter. There wasn’t anything actually wrong with Paisley; she was generally pretty chill, smart, and affectionate toward people. I don’t think she was a huge fan of other dogs, but it wasn’t to the point that it was a deal breaker for her. I think in her case it was just bad luck more than anything else.

Naturally, she was a great “candidate” for this political spoof:

Although my style has changed over the years, I still love this video, particularly the “$50 billion” line.

As I typically did with these marketing videos, I would send them out to different organizations to see if we could generate additional traffic with some shares. That would expand the video’s reach and connect the dogs with potential adopters. For this video, I received a response from a respected non-profit organization that had around 100,000 followers on Facebook at the time. They absolutely loved the video, calling it a “great campaign” and agreed to do a courtesy posting for Paisley on their Facebook page. Sweet!

Oddly, they didn’t share the video, but instead just posted a still photograph of Paisley. I found this peculiar since there are a million photos of shelter dogs out there, but there’s only one funny video that actually shows that dog in action. So…why didn’t they share the piece of content that had originally caught their attention to begin with? I have no clue.

The post received 1,300 likes and an additional 534 shares. A couple people did inquire about her, but the leads didn’t go anywhere. Paisley was eventually sent to a rescue group and was later adopted. Hooray!